resignation noun

1 giving up your job; letter of resignation

ADJ. immediate | shock, sudden, surprise, unexpected | forced | mass

VERB + RESIGNATION hand in, submit, tender She handed in her resignation following the dispute over company policy. | announce | withdraw | offer (sb), proffer | threaten | prompt, provoke, lead to The accusation prompted the resignation of the cabinet minister. | force Illness forced his resignation from the squad. | call for, demand The protesters called for the immediate resignation of the minister. | accept She has refused to accept the resignation of her deputy. | reject

RESIGNATION + VERB be/become effective My resignation is effective from May 1.

RESIGNATION + NOUN letter | announcement His resignation announcement was widely expected. | speech, statement

PREP. ~ as her resignation as party leader | ~ from A scandal led to his resignation from office.

PHRASES a call for sb's resignation, resignation on (the) grounds of sth She tendered her resignation on grounds of ill health. | a letter of resignation

2 willingness to accept a difficult situation

ADJ. weary

PREP. in ~ Hearing that the train was running late, he sighed in weary resignation. | with ~ She spoke with resignation. | ~ to resignation to fate

PHRASES a look/sigh of resignation