reservation noun

1 arrangement for a seat/room

ADJ. airline, hotel

VERB + RESERVATION have Do you have a reservation? | make | confirm | cancel

RESERVATION + NOUN service | fee | form

PREP. ~ for I'd like to make a reservation for four people for Friday night, please.

2 feeling of doubt about sth

ADJ. considerable, deep, grave, major, serious, severe, strong | minor, slight | certain I have certain reservations regarding several of the clauses in the contract. | initial

VERB + RESERVATION have | express, voice NATO generals voiced reservations about making air strikes.

RESERVATION + VERB concern sth

PREP. despite ~s Despite his initial reservations, he came to love London. | with ~s The employees are backing the reorganization plans, with reservations. | without ~ I can recommend her without reservation. | ~ about/concerning/over/regarding They have expressed reservations concerning the provisions of the treaty.

PHRASES one/only reservation My one reservation concerns the performance of the vehicle in wet conditions.