resentment noun

ADJ. angry, bitter, considerable, deep, deep-seated, great, intense, smouldering | growing, increasing | popular, widespread | old She felt all her old resentment flaring up.

VERB + RESENTMENT bear, feel, harbour I bore him no resentment. You seem to be harbouring some resentment against your boss. | express, show | contain, hide He struggled to contain his resentment. | arouse, breed, cause, create, fuel, give rise to, lead to, provoke Inequality breeds resentment.

RESENTMENT + VERB build up, grow Don't let your resentment build up. | flare up

PREP. ~ about/over Maggie was filled with resentment about her treatment. | ~ against the growing resentment against foreigners | ~ among The measures fuelled resentment among students. | ~ at I felt great resentment at having to work such long hours. | ~ between the bitter resentment between the two brothers | ~ towards their resentment towards each other

PHRASES a cause/source of resentment, a feeling/sense of resentment