research noun

ADJ. detailed, in-depth, painstaking | extensive He has carried out extensive research into renewable energy sources. | basic | original | further | ground-breaking, pioneering pioneering research into skin disease | collaborative | empirical | academic, clinical, historical, medical, military, scientific, social, space | AIDS, cancer, etc. | animal calling for a ban on animal research | market

QUANT. piece a startling piece of historical research

VERB + RESEARCH carry out, conduct, do, undertake She's doing research on Czech music between the wars. | be based on One paper based on research conducted at Oxford suggested that the drug may cause brain damage.

RESEARCH + VERB demonstrate sth, indicate sth, prove sth, reveal sth, show sth, suggest sth What have their researches shown? | produce sth, yield sth Recent research on deaf children has produced some interesting findings about their speech.

RESEARCH + NOUN degree | effort, programme, project, work directing the group's research effort | methods | findings, results | purposes Copies of the tape can be made for research purposes. | centre, institute, laboratory | assistant, group, student, team, worker | grant

PREP. ~ in Most research in the field has concentrated on the effects on children. | ~ into/on They are carrying out research into the natural flow patterns of water.

PHRASES an area of research, research and development spending on military research and development