request noun

ADJ. special | reasonable, unreasonable | formal, official | polite | strange, unusual | repeated | urgent | explicit, particular, specific | written

VERB + REQUEST make, put in, submit I've put in a request for a room with a view of the sea. | get, have, receive We have had repeated requests for a pedestrian crossing near the school. | agree to, comply with, grant | respond to | refuse, reject, turn down | repeat

PREP. at sb's ~ The play was written by Agatha Christie at the request of Queen Mary. | by ~ The writer's name was withheld by request (= because the writer had asked for this to be done). | on/upon ~ We will arrange accommodation on request. | ~ for The helpline was inundated with requests for information on the crash.

PHRASES available on request A detailed list of our publications is available on request. | by popular request The film is being shown again by popular request. | a number of requests