reputation noun

ADJ. considerable, enviable, excellent, fine, good, great, high, unrivalled, well-deserved, well-earned She has built up an enviable reputation as a harpist. | awesome, fearsome, formidable | bad, poor, unenviable, unsavoury | established | growing | undeserved | intact (only after reputation) He emerged from the trial with his reputation intact. | public | international, worldwide | professional

VERB + REPUTATION enjoy, have He has the reputation of being a hard worker. | acquire, build (up), earn, establish, gain, make Her international reputation is built on an impressive list of publications. | damage, destroy, lose, ruin, tarnish | protect | live up to November is certainly living up to its reputation?we've had nothing but rain all week. | live down She found it hard to live down her reputation as a second-rate actress. | stake He has staked his reputation on the success of the play.

REPUTATION + VERB grow | suffer The company's reputation suffered when it had to recall thousands of products that were unsafe.

PREP. by ~ He was by reputation difficult to please. | ~ as You've made quite a reputation for yourself as a rebel! | ~ for The company has a well-deserved reputation for being reliable.

PHRASES a loss of reputation