representation noun

1 sth that shows/describes sth

ADJ. accurate, faithful, good, true | simplified | diagrammatic, graphic, pictorial, visual | symbolic | written the written representation of a spoken text | two-dimensional, etc.

VERB + REPRESENTATION generate, produce There are many ways of generating a two-dimensional representation of an object.

PHRASES a form/means of representation

2 having representatives to speak/vote for you

ADJ. large | increased | strong | effective | adequate | balanced, equal, fair | direct direct representation in Parliament | democratic, proportional | parliamentary, political | black, female, minority | legal | consular, diplomatic | union | employee, labour

VERB + REPRESENTATION have They had a strong representation in government. | achieve, secure, win All parties won representation in the national assembly. | ensure, guarantee He claims that their electoral system ensures fair representation of all parties. | increase The party has increased its representation in Parliament. | reduce | allow sb, provide (sb with) The accused was not allowed legal representation. | get, obtain

PREP. ~ by representation by a lawyer | ~ for representation for employees | ~ from representation from all parties

PHRASES a system of representation

3 formal statements

ADJ. false | oral, written

VERB + REPRESENTATION make | receive

PREP. ~ to They may make representation to government on matters affecting their organization.