represent verb

1 be a member of a group

ADV. strongly, well Local businesses are well represented on the committee. | poorly | adequately | disproportionately Women are disproportionately represented among welfare recipients.

2 act/speak officially for sb

ADV. legally The suspect must appear and may be legally represented.

VERB + REPRESENT choose sb to, elect sb to, select sb to He was chosen to represent Scotland in three consecutive World Cup Finals.

3 show sth

ADV. accurately Representing an image accurately requires a great many bytes of digital information. | fairly | falsely | diagrammatically, graphically, schematically, visually The data can be represented graphically in a line diagram. | symbolically

VERB + REPRESENT be intended to It is not clear what these symbols were intended to represent. | purport to The film purported to represent the lives of ordinary people.

PREP. as The film represents women as victims. | to He admitted falsely representing to police officers that the car had been stolen.