report noun

1 written/spoken account of sth

ADJ. important, influential, major | lengthy | brief, short | complete, comprehensive, extensive, full, wide-ranging I will have to make a full report of the situation to my superiors. | detailed, in-depth | general | encouraging, excellent, favourable, positive | adverse, bad, critical, damning, hard-hitting, negative, pessimistic | sensational | latest, new, recent, up-to-date | previous | original There have been many new findings since the original report. | early, initial, interim, preliminary | further, later, subsequent | periodic, regular | annual, quarterly | final | draft | formal | written | verbal | published | unpublished | special | standard | verbatim | reliable | false, misleading | conflicting There have been conflicting reports on the number of people killed. | factual | anecdotal | eyewitness, first-hand, on-the-spot | second-hand | anonymous | unconfirmed unconfirmed reports of a shooting in the capital | independent | joint | official | unofficial | confidential, secret | public | government, parliamentary | intelligence, police Reliable intelligence reports suggest that the terrorists have bases in five cities. | media, press | magazine, newspaper, radio, television | news | weather | committee | company | economic, financial, market | environmental | medical, psychiatric | scientific, technical | lab/laboratory | case, research, survey | enquiry | accident, crash | autopsy | progress, status | probation | audit, due diligence (law) | law The case has not yet been reported in the law reports.

VERB + REPORT deliver, give sb, make, present The committee presented its report to the Attorney General. | compile, do, draw up, prepare, produce, type (up), write I typed up a report about the morning's events for our clients. | file, give (sb/sth), let sb have, submit Our correspondent in Washington files a report most days. I'll let you have a report as soon as I can. | issue, release Auditors normally issue a report as to whether the company accounts have been prepared correctly. | leak a confidential report leaked to the press | have, hear, receive We've had reports of a gang shooting in the city. | call for The MPs called for a full report on the nuclear contract. | commission The government commissioned a report on the state of agriculture in the country. | launch, undertake | accept, endorse Following discussion, the annual report was accepted unanimously. | reject | confirm | deny They could neither confirm nor deny reports that the chairperson was to be replaced. | read | consider, discuss | publish | appear in A large number of tables and figures appear in the report.

REPORT + VERB be based on sth This report is based on the analysis of 600 completed questionnaires. | concern sth, cover sth, detail sth, examine sth, look at sth, relate to sth The report looks at the health risks linked to obesity. | comprise sth, contain sth, include sth | comment (on) sth, describe sth, explain sth, express sth, indicate sth, mention sth, outline sth, say sth, state sth Reports have indicated that a growing number of medium-sized firms are under financial pressure. | cite sth, list sth, note sth The report notes evidence that secondary smoke from other people's cigarettes harms unborn children. | add sth, go on … The report went on to list her injuries. | acknowledge sth, admit (to) sth The report admits to several outstanding questions about the safety of the waste dumps. | allege sth, claim sth | argue sth | demonstrate sth, show sth | reveal sth The riots had been sparked off by police mishandling of a case, a report revealed yesterday. | draw attention to sth, emphasize sth, highlight sth, point sth out, stress sth The report draws attention to the appalling conditions in the country's prisons. | warn sth The report warns that more job losses are likely. | confirm sth | conclude sth, find sth, link sth with sth a report linking ill health with industrial pollution | advocate sth, call for sth, propose sth, recommend sth, suggest sth, urge sth The report called for sweeping changes in the education system. | accuse sb/sth, attack sb/sth, blame sb/sth, criticize sb/sth | be called sth, be entitled sth a report entitled ‘Kick-start’ | be out Criticism has been levelled at local businesses in a report out (= released) today.

REPORT + NOUN writer, writing

PREP. according to a/the ~ According to this evening's weather report, there will be snow tomorrow. | amid/amidst ~s The pro-democracy rally came amidst reports of dissatisfaction among army officers. | in a/the ~ The findings are summarized in the report. | ~ about, ~ by a report by scientists | ~ from a report from the select committee | ~ into The department has launched a report into the bombing. | ~ on an official report on the accident

2 written statement about a student's work

ADJ. good | bad | school | end-of-term

VERB + REPORT get She got a better report this year.