reply verb

ADV. merely, simply He simply replied that he hadn't the faintest idea. | directly She did not reply directly to the allegations. | personally Well, you weren't expecting the prime minister to reply personally, were you? | at once, immediately | hastily, hurriedly, promptly, quickly | slowly | at length ‘OK, ’ he replied at length. She replied at length, but not to the point. | briskly, briefly, curtly, shortly, tersely | abruptly, brusquely, sharply | bluntly, flatly ‘No, you're not, ’ Graham replied bluntly. | firmly | gently, politely, soothingly | lightly | seriously | quietly, softly | angrily, bitterly, crossly, indignantly, sourly | coldly, coolly, icily | cautiously, guardedly, hesitantly, nervously | calmly, equably, evenly, mildly | sternly, stiffly | brightly, cheerfully | bleakly, grimly | drily, sarcastically, sardonically, sweetly (ironic), tartly | absently, vaguely | evasively | honestly | in kind Charles was insulted and replied in kind (= by insulting them back).

VERB + REPLY not bother to She didn't even bother to reply.

PREP. to He did not reply to my letter. | with She replied with a smile.