replacement noun

1 replacing one thing with another

ADJ. complete, full Complete replacement of the roof tiles would be very costly. | partial | direct The series III gearbox is a direct replacement for a series II. | gradual | eventual

VERB + REPLACEMENT be in need of, need, require The original furnishings are now in need of replacement.

REPLACEMENT + NOUN programme | cost, value Rare instruments are usually insured for their full replacement value. | equipment

PHRASES hormone replacement therapy

2 sb/sth that replaces sb/sth else

ADJ. permanent | temporary | immediate | likely He is the most likely replacement for the captain. | possible | ideal | adequate | appropriate, suitable | hip, joint, knee | valve

VERB + REPLACEMENT appoint, bring in (sb/sth as), hire We'll have to see how bad the injury is before deciding whether to bring in a replacement. | name (sb as) She was named as a possible replacement for the cabinet minister. | need | look for, seek | find We need to find a replacement for Jan when she goes on maternity leave. | get | come in/on as, go on as He came on as a replacement for the injured striker. | have She had a hip replacement six years ago.

REPLACEMENT + NOUN teacher | part, unit Do you know where I can get the replacement part? | car, vehicle

PREP. as ~ Trams are now often preferred as replacements for buses. | ~ by the president's temporary replacement by the Chief of Staff | ~ for