replace verb

1 take the place of sb/sth; exchange sb/sth

ADV. completely | largely | simply Putting in a new bathroom suite can cost as little as £800 if you are simply replacing an old one. | easily These losses are not easily replaced. | immediately | gradually | eventually

VERB + REPLACE cannot/could not Machines cannot replace people in this work. | can/can't afford to | be built to, be designed to, be intended to, be used to It was built to replace the old Victorian jail. | appoint sb to, elect sb to | be expensive to Halogen lamps give excellent service, but the bulbs are expensive to replace.

PREP. as She replaced Jane Stott as Managing Director. | with We replaced the old television set with a newer one.

2 put sth back in the right place

ADV. carefully, gently

PREP. in She replaced the dress in the wardrobe. | on He carefully replaced the vase on the shelf.