repeat verb

ADV. just, merely, simply There is no point in merely repeating what we've done before. | again | constantly, continually, endlessly, indefinitely, over and over (again) constantly repeating the same mistakes A single note repeated over and over again, throbbing in my head. | consistently, persistently, regularly | exactly, faithfully, word for word She faithfully repeated everything he had told her. He repeated what she had said word for word. | mechanically, parrot-fashion, parrot-like students repeating drills parrot-fashion | blandly, desperately, helplessly, lamely ‘Oh,’ she repeated lamely. | slowly | quietly, softly | patiently | stubbornly

VERB + REPEAT can/could only I can only repeat what I have already said to other journalists. | be necessary to, need to It may be necessary to repeat the dose several times to effect a cure.

PREP. after The students repeated each sentence after their teacher. | to You must not repeat this to anyone.

PHRASES keep repeating sb/sth She kept repeating it over and over again like a robot.