rent noun

ADJ. exorbitant, high The tenants were not prepared to pay the higher rents demanded. | affordable, low | nominal, peppercorn | fair | reduced | increased | rising Discontent resulted from sharply rising rents. | fixed | annual, monthly, weekly | initial The initial rent will be reviewed annually. | back, outstanding, unpaid | farm, ground, house/housing, land, office

VERB + RENT pay | afford He couldn't afford the rent by himself. | be/fall behind with, owe You put your tenancy at risk if you fall behind with the rent. | charge The rent charged depends largely on the size and locality of the flat. | collect The landlord came around to collect the month's rent. | receive The council receives rent on local property that it owns. | fix The rent will be fixed at 18% of the market value of the property. | increase, push up, put up, raise The large stores have pushed up the rents in the area. The new lease will put her rent up to £200 a week. | calculate, determine

RENT + VERB be/fall due, be payable The rent will fall due on the last day of the quarter. | go up, increase, rise Their rent has increased from £5,200 to £8,600 a year. | fall

RENT + NOUN money, payment | arrears | level They took the landlord to court over increasing rent levels. | increase, rise | review | allowance, rebate, subsidy | control | collection | strike | man Thousands try to avoid the rent man so they can have more cash to spend.

PREP. in ~ The company has paid out a lot of money in rent. | ~ for The rent for the four-roomed house is affordable. | ~ from They earned rent from their property in London. | ~ on the rent on a factory

PHRASES arrears of rent to be liable for arrears of rent | a month's/week's/year's rent, the non-payment/payment of rent The movement advocated the non-payment of rent and taxes.