remedy noun

1 treatment/medicine

ADJ. effective, good | correct | wrong | common | traditional | ancient, old | folk | home | herbal, homoeopathic, natural | cold The player insists that he merely took a cold remedy and not a banned substance.

QUANT. dose One dose of the remedy is sufficient.

VERB + REMEDY take, use | need | try | give sb The remedy was given in different strengths to a group of volunteers. | prescribe (sb) | prepare The remedies are all prepared from wild flowers. | find They're hoping to find a remedy for the condition.

REMEDY + VERB be available | work She tried various remedies, but none of them worked.

PREP. ~ for He took a herbal remedy for his hay fever.

2 way of dealing with a problem

ADJ. adequate, effective, good Your best remedy is to go to the small claims court. | appropriate, suitable | easy, simple There's no easy remedy for unemployment. | common, usual | alternative | desperate, drastic | proposed | civil (law), common/private/public law, contractual, judicial, legal, statutory

VERB + REMEDY have | pursue, seek They will have to seek a judicial remedy for breach of contract. | resort to Desperate remedies were resorted to in the search for food. | exhaust They advised him to exhaust all other remedies before applying to court. | create | offer | afford (sb), grant sb, provide (sb with) remedies afforded to creditors by a bankruptcy order

REMEDY + VERB be available | lie in sth When the reservoir becomes blocked, the only remedy lies in cleaning the entire system.

PREP. ~ against The agreement states that he has a remedy against the subcontractor. | ~ for remedies for breach of contract | ~ in You have a remedy in civil law.

PHRASES rights and remedies The Act created rights and remedies for consumers.