remark noun

ADJ. brief, passing | occasional | casual, chance, off-the-cuff, throwaway | careless, tactless | barbed, cutting, derogatory, dismissive, disparaging, insulting, nasty, offensive, pointed, scathing, snide, uncomplimentary | complimentary, encouraging, kind | innocent | critical | cynical | controversial | provocative | famous | enigmatic | odd, strange | silly | funny, witty | racist, sexist | obscene, rude | defamatory | personal How dare you make personal remarks! | general | introductory, opening, preliminary | closing, concluding I agreed with most of what he said at the beginning of the speech b

VERB + REMARK make, pass, utter | withdraw He was expelled from the party for failing to withdraw his controversial remarks. | address Who were those rude remarks addressed to? | ignore, take no notice of I just ignored her last remark.

REMARK + VERB apply to sb/sth These remarks apply equally to doctors. | be directed at/to sb The remark was directed at him. | suggest sth Her remarks suggest that the negotiations may be successful. | provoke sth The remark provoked an angry response from the crowd.

PREP. in a/the ~ He made a few factual errors in his remarks on Rembrandt. | ~ about/concerning/on I shall keep my remarks on the subject brief. | ~ by/from remarks by officials | ~ to a casual remark to his father