reluctance noun

ADJ. considerable, deep, extreme, great, marked | certain I noticed a certain reluctance among the teachers. | increased | clear, evident, obvious | apparent | initial | growing | continued/continuing | general | natural, understandable

VERB + RELUCTANCE have | display, express, indicate, reflect, show His designs indicate a reluctance to conform to fashion. She showed considerable reluctance to leave. | pretend | overcome | notice, sense | understand I can quite understand your reluctance to talk about what happened to you. | explain These political tensions explain the reluctance of financiers to invest in the region.

PREP. with ~ With great reluctance, we have come to the decision to close the hospital. | ~ by/on the part of reluctance by insurers to keep paying out heavy claims

PHRASES a show of reluctance With a great show of reluctance, the government granted independence to the colony. | a sign of reluctance