release noun

1 freeing sb from prison, etc.

ADJ. immediate There have been calls for his immediate and unconditional release. | imminent | early | unconditional

VERB + RELEASE grant sb He was granted early release. | secure A public outcry secured her release from detention.


PREP. ~ from his release from hospital

PHRASES release on bail/parole

2 freeing sb from an emotion, a pain, etc.

ADJ. welcome She saw death as a welcome release from pain. | emotional

VERB + RELEASE give (sb) Crying gave some emotional release.

PREP. ~ from

PHRASES a feeling/sense of release, a release of tension All societies have social mechanisms for the release of tension.

3 book/film/record/piece of news

ADJ. latest, new, recent | commercial | book, CD, film's, news, press, record, video

RELEASE + VERB be/come out The new CD releases will be out on Friday.