relaxation noun

1 time spent resting/sth you do to rest

ADJ. deep, great an ointment that helps muscle relaxation | complete, total | muscle/muscular

VERB + RELAXATION aid, promote Some people take up yoga to aid relaxation.

RELAXATION + NOUN exercises, techniques | therapy | class He goes to relaxation classes.

PREP. for ~ She listens to classical music for relaxation. | ~ from a chance for relaxation from work

PHRASES a form/kind of relaxation, rest and relaxation, a state of relaxation

2 making rules/controls less strict

ADJ. further | general | limited, partial, slight | temporary | gradual

VERB + RELAXATION call for, seek Financiers are calling for a relaxation of these stringent measures. | promise The government has promised further relaxations in foreign exchange controls.

PREP. ~ in/of a relaxation in the rules