relative noun

ADJ. close, near The succession passed to the nearest surviving relative. | distant | blood, family If you die without a will, only a husband, wife, children and blood relatives are entitled to inherit your property. | immediate The deceased's immediate relatives, her mother and father, will inherit her estate. | living, surviving | elderly, old | young | female, male | poor (often figurative) He believes that interior design is the poor relative of (= inferior to) architecture. | dependent | disabled, ill, sick | distressed, grieving

VERB + RELATIVE have I have no parents or close relatives. | lose an organization that helps people who have lost their relatives (= whose relatives have died) | care for, give support to, help, look after, support She's looking after an elderly relative. | live with | stay with, visit | trace The police are trying to trace the relatives of the deceased. | inform The names of the victims are being withheld until the relatives have been informed.

PHRASES friends and/or relatives an intimate reception for close friends and relatives | a relative by marriage