reject verb

ADV. decisively, emphatically, firmly, roundly, strongly, vehemently, vigorously She firmly rejected the suggestion that she had lied to Parliament. | categorically, completely, flatly, out of hand, outright, unequivocally, utterly Don't just reject their suggestions out of hand. | overwhelmingly | unanimously | narrowly Voters narrowly rejected the scheme. | immediately, instantly | quickly | consistently, constantly | eventually, finally | deliberately | explicitly, expressly, specifically | effectively | indignantly The paper indignantly rejected charges that it had invented the story to boost sales. | formally | publicly | instinctively | automatically No one knows why a foetus is not automatically rejected by the mother's immune system. | rightly It was an ill-researched product that consumers rightly rejected.

VERB + REJECT vote to | be free to, have the right to Consumers have the right to reject faulty goods and demand a refund. | urge sb to He urged the committee to reject the plans.

PREP. as The proposal was rejected as too costly. | in favour of Their design was rejected in favour of one by a rival company.

PHRASES reject sth on … grounds The scheme was rejected on economic grounds.