register verb

1 put sb/sth on an official list

ADV. fully On completion of the preregistration year, graduates become fully registered by the General Medical Council. | jointly About 68 per cent of illegitimate births were jointly registered by both parents. | formally, officially | legally | duly As I reached my eighteenth birthday I duly registered for military service. | automatically

VERB + REGISTER be required to, have to, must You must register the death within three days. | be eligible to, be entitled to | fail to | refuse to

PREP. as the number of people officially registering as unemployed | at He registered at his local university. | for There is still time to register for English classes. | with Students living away from home are required to register with a local doctor.

2 notice sth

ADV. barely, hardly, scarcely She had barely registered his presence. | vaguely He vaguely registered that the women had gone.

VERB + REGISTER fail to His eyes failed to register Meredith's surprise.