regime noun

1 system of government

ADJ. new | old | current, established, existing, present | former, previous | interim | political | conservative, liberal, radical | authoritarian, autocratic, dictatorial, totalitarian | communist, democratic, fascist, socialist | brutal, hard-line, harsh, oppressive, repressive | constitutional, parliamentary | revolutionary | military | colonial | puppet In 1940 a puppet regime was established by the invaders.

VERB + REGIME establish, install, set up | defeat, overthrow, topple | bolster, strengthen Education was seen as a way of bolstering the existing regime. | destabilize | support | oppose | head a military regime headed by the general

REGIME + VERB exist | come to power The communist regime came to power in 1975. | collapse, fall

PREP. against a/the ~ She called for sanctions against the regime. | under a/the ~ He spoke of the abhorrent crimes that had been committed under the regime. | ~ under a military regime under Franco

PHRASES a change of regime, the collapse/fall/overthrow of a regime, a member of a regime

2 set of rules/procedures

ADJ. harsh, rigorous, strict, tight | relaxed | new | special | exercise, fitness, health, training | dietary | drug, therapeutic, treatment | educational | economic, financial, fiscal, legal, regulatory a financial regime imposed by the government | trade/trading, tax | safety

VERB + REGIME create, introduce, set up, start It will be necessary to create a regime to monitor compliance with the agreements. | impose | subject sb to The children were subjected to a strict regime of meals, walks and lessons. | follow He suggested to me that I follow his fitness regime.

REGIME + VERB be based on sth a regime based on discipline and training

PREP. under a/the ~ Under the new regime you will be liable for automatic penalties for late submission of tax returns. | ~ for the new regime for accounting for charities