regard noun

1 attention to/thought for sb/sth

ADJ. due, full, proper | scant | particular, specific

VERB + REGARD have (often law) When exercising its discretion, the court will have regard to all the circumstances. | pay, show The manifesto pays scant regard to green issues.

PREP. in/with ~ to I am writing with regard to your recent order. | without ~ for/to an attempt to plan the future of an industry without due regard to market forces | ~ for a proper regard for human dignity

PHRASES in that/this regard I have nothing further to say in this regard (= in regard to what has just been said). | a lack of regard a lack of regard for public safety | little/no regard for/to sb/sth

2 respect/admiration for sb

ADJ. considerable, great, high | insufficient, low | mutual | critical

VERB + REGARD have, hold sb/sth in I have the greatest regard for his abilities. He is held in the highest regard by his colleagues. | win The film has won critical regard in America.

3 regards: used to send greetings to sb

ADJ. best, kind, warm (all written) The letter ended, ‘Kindest regards, Felicity.’

VERB + REGARD convey, give (sb), send (sb) (written) David sends his warmest regards to your parents.

PREP. ~ to (written) My regards to your aunt (= please give my regards to your aunt).