refugee noun

ADJ. genuine, real | would-be | returning | economic, environmental, political, war Many claimed to be environmental refugees, leaving for the sake of their health. | civilian | child

VERB + REFUGEE qualify as Those who did not qualify as refugees were returned to their home countries. | be considered, be found to be, be recognized as Only nine per cent were found to be genuine political refugees. | accept, resettle, take (back/in) The government has agreed to take only 150 refugees plus their dependants. | expel, return | house | help

REFUGEE + VERB flee sth refugees fleeing political persecution | be displaced refugees displaced by the civil war | arrive | pour Hundreds of refugees are pouring over the border. | live refugees living in camps along the border | return

REFUGEE + NOUN crisis, issue, problem, question, situation | exodus | resettlement | status The Home Office has refused him refugee status. | group, organization, worker | camp, centre, hostel | children, community, family, population

PREP. among ~ Unemployment among the refugees has risen sharply. | ~ from refugees from civil wars

PHRASES a flood/influx of refugees a new influx of refugees from the combat zone | the flow of refugees, the plight of refugees, the return of refugees