reform noun

ADJ. drastic, fundamental, great, important, major, radical, significant, substantial | comprehensive, far-reaching, sweeping, wholesale, wide-ranging | minor | piecemeal | new | further | immediate | rapid | much needed, necessary, overdue Health care reform is long overdue. | effective | practical | moral, political, social | democratic, liberal | domestic, institutional, internal | procedural, structural | administrative, governmental | constitutional, electoral, judicial, law, legal, legislative | penal, prison | curriculum, educational | welfare | budgetary, economic, financial, monetary, tax | agrarian, agricultural, environmental, land

QUANT. package

VERB + REFORM adopt, bring about, introduce, put in place | push through They wanted a weak president and a strong one-chamber parliament able to push through radical reforms. | carry out/through, implement, put into practice, undertake | accelerate efforts to accelerate the structural reform of the economy | delay | block The conservative coalition could delay further reforms or block them altogether. | accept, welcome | advocate, call for, press for, propose They have issued a statement advocating reform of the legal system. | demand | back, encourage, support We are committed to supporting democracy and reform in the region. | require The practice of global politics requires reform. | plan | discuss

REFORM + VERB go through The reforms went through in spite of opposition from teachers. | aim at sth tax reforms aimed at encouraging land development

REFORM + NOUN process | movement | initiative, measure, package, programme | act, bill | policy

PREP. ~ in reforms in housing and education

PHRASES the need for reform, the pace of reform, a programme of reform, a timetable for reform