reflection noun

1 image in a mirror, etc.

ADJ. clear | faint | blurred, distorted

VERB + REFLECTION catch a glimpse of, catch sight of, see He caught sight of her reflection in the window. | glance at, look at | gaze at, stare at, watch | examine, inspect, study

REFLECTION + VERB look … Her reflection in the mirror looked distorted.

PREP. in a/the ~ In the reflection on the glass door he could see the class behind him. | ~ in I saw my reflection in the polished marble. | ~ on the reflection of the mountains on the calm waters of the lake

2 sending light/heat/sound back from a surface

ADJ. heat, light, sound

PREP. ~ from There is reflection of heat from the metal surface.

PHRASES the angle of reflection

3 indication/description of sth

ADJ. accurate, fair, true | inadequate | mere, pale This account is only a pale reflection of the true state of affairs. | direct, simple Young people's behaviour is a direct reflection of adults'. | sad

VERB + REFLECTION give (sb), provide Such studies do not give a true reflection of population needs.

PREP. ~ of/on/upon His low level of performance is no reflection on his general ability.

4 careful thought about sth

ADJ. deep, mature, serious, sober | further | quiet | personal | critical, philosophical, theological

VERB + REFLECTION encourage Counselling should encourage reflection on the past.

REFLECTION + VERB show sb/sth A moment's reflection will show you that that can't be true.

PREP. after/on/upon ~ On further reflection, I'm not so sure it's a good idea. | ~ about/on/upon The party needs a period of sober reflection about what went wrong.

PHRASES a moment's reflection, a period for/of reflection, time for reflection

5 written or spoken thoughts about sth

ADJ. interesting | poignant


PREP. ~ about/on/upon She has some interesting reflections about the spiritual state of the country.