redundancy noun

ADJ. large-scale, major, mass, massive The closure of the mine led to large-scale redundancies. | widespread | threatened | compulsory, enforced, forced | voluntary

QUANT. round, wave a fresh wave of redundancies

VERB + REDUNDANCY make The bank will be making 3,500 redundancies over the next five years. | lead to, result in | avoid | announce | be threatened by/with, face Sixty workers at a clothing factory face redundancy because the firm is relocating. | accept, take, volunteer for Those choosing to take redundancy will receive the company's standard redundancy terms.

REDUNDANCY + VERB occur, take place

REDUNDANCY + NOUN policy | programme | notice Redundancy notices have been sent to 200 workers. | compensation, package, terms | money, pay, payment | costs Most of the companies' losses stemmed from redundancy costs.

PHRASES the threat of redundancy