recovery noun

ADJ. amazing, astonishing, dramatic, excellent, miraculous, remarkable | good, satisfactory, significant, strong, substantial | complete, full | limited, modest, partial The FTSE staged a modest recovery to be 6.5 points down. | fragile | fast, quick, rapid, speedy, swift | gradual, slow | steady | faltering | eventual | continuing, lasting, long-term, sustained | spontaneous | national | economic, industrial, physical, political | price, profits | post-war

VERB + RECOVERY achieve, make, stage Many people make remarkable recoveries after strokes. | aid, speed (up), stimulate A holiday would speed his recovery. a reduction in interest rates to stimulate global economic recovery | delay, hamper, hinder | wish sb We wish them all a speedy recovery.

RECOVERY + VERB be on the way, come The economic circumstances are right and recovery is on the way (= recovery will occur soon). | be … way off Unemployment is high and economic recovery is still a long way off (= it will be a long time until recovery). | be underway, occur, take place | continue

RECOVERY + NOUN time His injuries have returned as there was insufficient recovery time between matches. | period, phase | process | plan, programme | room After the operation she was taken to the recovery room. | position Continue resuscitation until the person starts breathing and then place them in the recovery position.

PREP. beyond ~ The region has been damaged by acid rain and rivers are fouled almost beyond recovery. | in ~ He's in recovery from the disease. | ~ from recovery from his illness | ~ in the recent recovery in consumer spending | ~ to a slow recovery to full health

PHRASES be on the road to recovery She is well on the road to recovery (= making good progress towards recovery). | hopes/prospects of recovery, a sign of recovery The economy is showing the first signs of recovery.