recommendation noun

1 official suggestion

ADJ. firm, strong | clear | unanimous | detailed | specific | broad, general, wide-ranging The committee put forward broad recommendations for the improvement of safety at sports grounds. | far-reaching | important | central, key, main, major, principal | positive | first, initial | final | further | draft | written | word-of-mouth | medical, official, practical | policy, safety

QUANT. list, series, set

VERB + RECOMMENDATION come up with, make, produce The council has produced a set of recommendations on ethics in health care. | give, offer, put forward, submit | publish | consider, discuss, review | agree with | disagree with | accept, adopt, approve, endorse The UN Security Council endorsed the recommendation submitted by the Secretary General. | reject | act on, carry out, follow, implement The government gave assurances that it would implement the recommendations in full. | enforce | support | oppose | ignore | be in accordance with, be in line with to develop a plan in line with the recommendations of national policy | base sth on The design of the breakwater was based on the recommendations of an engineering study.

RECOMMENDATION + VERB arise from sth, be based on sth, follow (from) sth, relate to sth a detailed set of recommendations following a comprehensive examination of the subject | aim at sth recommendations aimed at achieving a more equitable admissions policy

PREP. on/upon sb/sth's ~ I had the operation on the recommendation of my doctor. | ~ about/as to/concerning/on recommendations on how health and safety standards might be improved | ~ by/from recommendations by the judges | ~ for recommendations for improving the quality of service | ~ in respect of recommendations in respect of bank officials | ~ to the board's recommendations to the minister | ~ with regard/respect to recommendations with regard to management procedures > Special page at MEETING

2 saying sb/sth is good/suitable

ADJ. glowing, high/highest | personal It's best to find a builder through personal recommendation.

VERB + RECOMMENDATION give sb/sth | get, receive | come on/with The new housekeeper came on the highest recommendation. The chef comes with her recommendation. | need no Swiss chocolates need no recommendation (= their good reputation is enough to recommend them).

PREP. at/on/upon sb's ~ At the recommendation of a psychiatrist, the accused will remain under observation. We went to Corfu on your recommendation (= because you recommended it).

PHRASES a letter of recommendation