recognize verb

1 know sb/sth again

ADV. immediately, instantly I immediately recognized the building. | easily This is the only species of flamingo in the region, easily recognized by its pink plumage. | barely, hardly Stella hardly recognized her brother.

VERB + RECOGNIZE learn to You learn to recognize the calls of different birds. | be easy to

PREP. as He recognized the man as one of the police officers. | by I recognized her by her red hair. | from I recognized them from a television show.

2 understand sth

ADV. fully They fully recognize the need to proceed carefully. | belatedly, finally The government has belatedly recognized the danger to health of passive smoking.

VERB + RECOGNIZE must | be important to | begin to | be slow to The company had been slow to recognize the opportunities available to it. | fail to

PREP. as This issue must be recognized as a priority for the next administration.

PHRASES be generally/universally/widely recognized, be increasingly recognized The strength of this argument is being increasingly recognized. | failure to recognize sth

3 accept sth officially

ADV. clearly The law clearly recognizes that a company is separate from those who invest in it. | formally, officially | internationally, nationally The Medway estuary is recognized internationally as a conservation area.

VERB + RECOGNIZE agree to | refuse to

PREP. as All rivers should be officially recognized as public rights of way.

PHRASES be legally recognized A bill of exchange is a legally recognized document. | a refusal to recognize sth