recognition noun

1 remembering/identifying sb/sth

ADJ. immediate, instant | early the early recognition of a disease | dawning | character, face, handwriting, speech, text (computing) | automatic, computer the automatic recognition of handwriting by computer

QUANT. flicker, sign She stared directly at the witness but he did not show a flicker of recognition (= he did not show that he recognized her).

VERB + RECOGNITION show | avoid He pulled the hood of his cloak over his head to avoid recognition. | allow The monitoring system allows recognition of pollution hot spots.

RECOGNITION + VERB dawn Recognition slowly dawned, ‘Oh, it's you Mrs Foster!’

RECOGNITION + NOUN software, system

PREP. beyond (all) ~ (figurative) Many of those interviewed said their job had changed beyond recognition (= changed completely) over the past five years. | out of (all) ~ (figurative) The equipment and methods of production have improved out of all recognition (= greatly improved). | without ~ He looked up, glanced at them without recognition, and went on his way.

PHRASES recognition in sb's eyes There was no recognition in his eyes (= he did not look as if he recognized her).

2 accepting that sth exists/is true; public praise/reward

ADJ. full | appropriate, due, proper | insufficient | greater, growing, increasing There needs to be a greater recognition of corporate crime as a social problem. | clear, explicit, overt | implicit | apparent | grudging | positive | equal equal recognition for the work women do | mutual | immediate, instant | belated The award is being made in belated recognition of her services to the industry. | individual, personal personal recognition for your achievements | general, universal, wide, widespread The young talent at the club deserves wider recognition. | international, national, worldwide | public, social | professional | diplomatic | formal, legal, legislative, official | de facto Twelve states have accorded de facto recognition to the new regime. | government

VERB + RECOGNITION achieve, earn sb, gain, get, obtain, receive, win His recitals have earned him recognition as a talented performer. | deserve | require Both of these perspectives are valid and require recognition. | imply They claim that signature of the peace accord did not imply recognition of the state's sovereignty. | ask for, call for, demand, request, seek | apply for | qualify for to qualify for UN recognition as an International Biosphere Reserve | accord sb/sth, give sb/sth, grant sb/sth | refuse sb/sth

RECOGNITION + VERB come Official recognition of the change came fast.

PREP. in ~ of an award in recognition of his outstanding work | without ~ She has worked actively but without recognition. | ~ as a country that has long sought recognition as a major power | ~ by/from recognition by his superiors of the service he had performed | ~ for They received recognition for their 20-year commitment to safety at sea.

PHRASES a lack of recognition, recognition of the importance of sth, recognition of the need for sth, a struggle for recognition