reassurance noun

ADJ. great | further | constant, continual | calm Continual calm reassurance should be given.

VERB + REASSURANCE have We have had some reassurances from the council that the building will be saved. | need, want | look for, seek He glanced at her, seeking reassurance. | draw, find, gain, receive He drew reassurance from the enthusiastic applause. She found reassurance in the high attendance at her lectures. | bring (sb), give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with) A system of beliefs can bring you reassurance at times of stress.

PREP. despite ~ She kept looking in the mirror despite my constant reassurances that her hair looked fine. | for ~ He held onto her hand for reassurance. | in ~ I patted her shoulder in reassurance. | ~ about/on The ministry tried to offer reassurance on the safety of eating beef. | ~ from reassurances from the researchers about their work