reasoning noun

ADJ. careful, sound | false, faulty | underlying | abstract | practical | logical | deductive, inductive | judicial, legal, moral, scientific, theological | human

QUANT. piece a rather confused piece of reasoning

VERB + REASONING adopt, apply, employ, use the reasoning adopted by the court | follow, understand I can't quite follow your reasoning. | accept | reject | challenge | explain

REASONING + VERB apply The same reasoning applies to the current situation. | lead sb/sth to sth I cannot accept the reasoning that led the trial court to its decision.

REASONING + NOUN process | ability

PREP. in your ~ the circularity in their reasoning | ~ about reasoning about art | ~ behind Many people challenged the reasoning behind the proposal.

PHRASES a flaw in your reasoning, a form/kind/line of reasoning The implication of this line reasoning is that globalization of capital is destructive. | power of reasoning She seemed to have lost her powers of reasoning.