reading noun

1 sth you can read

ADJ. compelling, compulsive, fascinating, good, interesting | depressing, disturbing | heavy, serious | light | compulsory, essential, required | recommended, suggested | background, introductory | further | bedtime, holiday some light holiday reading

VERB + READING be, make (for) Their story makes compulsive reading.


2 activity of reading

ADJ. extensive After extensive reading on the subject she set to work on an article. | careful, close, critical A close reading of the text reveals several contradictions. | serious | map My map-reading skills are not the best.

VERB + READING do, get down to I haven't had time to do much reading lately. In the holidays I'll get down to some serious reading.

READING + NOUN material, matter | ability, age, knowledge, skills He has a reading age of eight. She has a good reading knowledge of Russian. | glasses, light, room

PREP. ~ about/on His reading about Ruskin led him to the works of Turner.

3 reading in public

ADJ. public | Bible, poetry

VERB + READING give Dickens gave many public readings from his works.

PREP. at a/the ~ We met at a reading of his poetry. | ~ from/of readings from the Koran

4 figure/measurement shown on an instrument

ADJ. high, low | zero | normal | accurate, correct | false | meter, thermometer

VERB + READING get, obtain, take | give The dials were giving higher readings than we had expected.