react verb

ADV. strongly | favourably, positively, sympathetically people who react positively to change | adversely, badly, negatively, unfavourably | aggressively, angrily, violently | cautiously, coolly | sharply | appropriately | immediately, instantly | quickly, swiftly The police must be able to react swiftly in an emergency. | differently | accordingly His insensitive remarks hurt and she reacted accordingly. | automatically, instinctively, spontaneously | physically

VERB + REACT tend to | be slow to The industry has been slow to react to these breakthroughs in technology. | not know how to He did not know how to react to her sudden mood swings.

PREP. against Many young people react against traditional values. | by The government reacted by increasing taxation. | to The university reacted unfavourably to the proposals. | with Her family reacted with horror when she told them.