rank verb

ADV. high/highly, low These subjects ranked low for most students.

PREP. above She ranks above any other musician of her generation. | according to The children were ranked according to academic ability. | alongside This city ranks alongside London as one of the great tourist centres of the world. | among He ranks among the greatest boxers of all time. | as Their performance ranks as the best of the year. | below, with This ranks with the great paintings of the nineteenth century.

PHRASES be ranked/rank number two, three, etc. the tennis player ranked number two in the world | high-/low-ranking He is a high-ranking officer in the Indian Army. | rank sth in order of sth ranked in order of size | rank in the top 10, 100, etc. She is now ranked in the top five hockey players in Britain. | rank second, third, etc. The company ranks second among food manufacturers.