range noun

1 different things within the same category

ADJ. broad, enormous, extensive, great, huge, large, vast, wide | complete, comprehensive, full, whole | infinite | excellent, exciting, good, superb | astonishing, extraordinary, range.

PREP. beyond ~ This car is beyond the range of most people's pockets. | in/within ~ Are we within range of the local transmitter? | out of ~ Don't shoot yet?he's still out of range. | outside a/the ~ It's outside my range of vision. impressive, remarkable | diverse people from a diverse range of backgrounds | acceptable | limited, poor | new Come and see our new range of furniture. | product For more information about our product range, call your local branch.

VERB + RANGE have, stock They stock a very wide range of garden products. | make, produce | offer (sb), provide (sb with), supply (sb with) We provide a full range of financial services. | choose (sth) from, try out Students can choose from a wide range of options. | create, develop, launch The company is launching a new range of cosmetics. | expand, extend

RANGE + VERB include sth Our comprehensive range of benefits includes pension and health insurance.

PREP. in a/the ~ the other models in their new range

PHRASES bottom/middle/top of the range This is a top of the range refrigerator.

2 amount between particular limits

ADJ. broad, wide | narrow | normal | ability, age, price, size, temperature, etc.

VERB + RANGE cover, encompass, feature, include The trade show will feature an enormous range of goods. | extend, increase trying to extend the range of children's language

PREP. across a/the ~ There is considerable variation in ability across the range. | in a/the ~ Most of the students are in the age range 17?21. | outside a/the ~ No, that's completely outside my price range. | within a/the ~ The level of mistakes is within the acceptable range of standards for a public organization. | ~ of a broad range of abilities

3 distance that it is possible to travel, see, etc.

ADJ. long missiles effective over a long range | close, point-blank, short He shot her at point-blank