rally noun

1 political meeting

ADJ. big, huge, large, major, mass, massive | public | indoor, outdoor at a massive outdoor rally in Paris | campaign, election, political | opposition, protest | peace | anti-government, anti-war, etc.

VERB + RALLY have, hold, stage The demonstrators marched to Trafalgar Square where they held a rally. | call for, organize, plan | attend, take part in About 5,000 people attended a rally calling for peace. | address, speak at | ban The government closed the schools and banned all rallies.

RALLY + VERB take place | break up, disperse, end The rally dispersed peacefully after six hours. | call for sth

PREP. at a/the ~ She spoke at a public rally in Hyde Park. | ~ against a mass rally against the treaty | ~ for a rally for the winning candidate | ~ in support of a rally in support of the strike

2 motor race

ADJ. club, international | motor, motorcycle

VERB + RALLY hold, organize | compete in, enter | win

RALLY + NOUN circuit | driver, driving

PREP. on a/the ~ He will join the team on the rally next week.

3 in tennis

ADJ. long, short | exciting

VERB + RALLY play | win | lose