radio noun

ADJ. cab, car There were calls for cab radios to link train drivers and signal boxes. | CB, mobile, portable, transistor, two-way | FM, long-wave, short-wave | army, police | community, local, national, state

VERB + RADIO listen to | turn on, tune in to | tune His radio is permanently tuned to Radio 1. | turn down/up

RADIO + VERB announce sth, report sth The radio announced that the president had been assassinated. | blare (out), play (sth) He drove along with his windows open and the radio blaring out.

RADIO + NOUN receiver, set | alarm, cassette (player) | message, signal, waves | operator | system | transmitter | silence The troops maintained a strict radio silence while they moved into position. | station | advertisement, broadcast, interview, news, programme, report, show, transmission | frequency | amateur, ham The distress call was picked up by a young radio ham. | drama, play

PREP. by ~ The message was sent by radio. | on the ~ We were listening to a show on the radio.