racing noun

1 sport of racing horses

ADJ. horse | flat, jump

RACING + NOUN results | tip | expert, tipster Her racing tipster got the Derby winner right. | manager, owner, trainer | career | stable | trophy | calendar, programme, season He organizes his life according to the racing calendar. | business, game, industry He has ridden horses all his life, but he was a late starter in the racing game. | circles, scene He's known in racing circles as a fierce competitor. She's a familiar face on the racing scene. | correspondent the racing correspondent of ‘The Times’

2 sport of taking part in races

ADJ. competitive, top-level Today's cross-country event marks his return to top-level racing. | bike, dog, motor, yacht, etc. | Grand Prix | road, track

RACING + NOUN champion | legend, star racing legend Ayrton Senna | cyclist, driver | team | programme, season | scene | career, days | debut He made his racing debut for Benetton three years ago. | car | circuit The bikes sped by on the racing circuit. | enthusiast, fan