quiet adj.

1 with little or no noise; not talking

VERBS be | become, fall, go, grow | lie, keep, remain, sit, stay Just sit quiet for a moment, there's a good boy. | keep sb/sth Keep that dog quiet, will you!

ADV. all, extraordinarily, extremely, really, remarkably, unusually, very Suddenly the room went all quiet. | absolutely, completely, perfectly | fairly, pretty, rather | enough | blissfully | deathly, eerily The house was eerily quiet. | dangerously, ominously His voice was dangerously quiet as he asked the question. | oddly, strangely, unnaturally She went back to a strangely quiet house. | uncharacteristically

PREP. about I knew I had to keep quiet about it.

PHRASES nice (and) quiet I was looking forward to a nice quiet afternoon.

2 without much activity

VERBS be, look, seem | become | lie, remain, sit Lie quiet for an hour and you'll feel better. | keep sb/sth Keep the patient as quiet as possible.

ADV. extremely, very | comparatively, fairly, pretty, quite, rather, reasonably, relatively | enough Things seemed quiet enough, but it was an uneasy calm.