queue noun

ADJ. endless, long | growing, lengthening | orderly Please form an orderly queue. | bus, checkout, cinema, etc. | bread, dinner, food the country's soaring prices and growing food queues | traffic | dole More unemployed people are joining the dole queue each week.

VERB + QUEUE form, line up in | join, stand in, wait in He had to join the queue for the toilets. | jump Don't jump the queue?take your turn like everyone else!

QUEUE + VERB form | build up, grow Long queues are building up on most of Britain's motorways. | move The queue's not moving at all. | stretch The queue stretched for more than a mile.

PREP. in a/the ~ the people in the queue | ~ for the queue for tickets | ~ of a long queue of shoppers

PHRASES the back/end of the queue, the front/head of the queue