pursuit noun

1 attempt to find sth

ADJ. relentless, ruthless, single-minded, vigorous | successful

VERB + PURSUIT be engaged in

PREP. in ~ of people travelling around the country in pursuit of work | ~ of He is engaged in the ruthless pursuit of wealth.

PHRASES the pursuit of a goal He devoted his waking hours to the single-minded pursuit of his goal. | the pursuit of excellence/happiness/knowledge/pleasure/truth

2 attempt to catch sb/sth

VERB + PURSUIT give The police gave pursuit.

PREP. in ~ (of) Two boys ran past with a security guard in pursuit. The guard set off in pursuit of the thief.

PHRASES in close/hot pursuit Away ran the fox, with the hunters in hot pursuit.

3 (usually pursuits) pastime

ADJ. favourite, popular | active, energetic active leisure pursuits | country | indoor, outdoor | leisure, recreational | academic, artistic, cultural, educational, intellectual, sporting

VERB + PURSUIT follow She has time now to follow her various artistic pursuits.