pursue verb

1 continue sth/try to achieve sth

ADV. further, still | actively, energetically, vigorously | doggedly He was still doggedly pursuing his studies. | relentlessly | effectively, successfully How can we most effectively pursue these aims?

VERB + PURSUE decide to We have decided not to pursue the matter further. | intend to, want to, wish to deciding on which career you wish to pursue | be/feel inclined to | be reluctant to | be able to, be at liberty to, be free to | continue to

PHRASES the ability/freedom to pursue sth the freedom to pursue her own interests | be not worth pursuing I decided the matter was not worth pursuing further.

2 chase sb

ADV. relentlessly He pursued her relentlessly, refusing to take ‘no’ for an answer.

PHRASES closely/hotly pursued by sb He ran past, hotly pursued by two policemen.