publicity noun

1 media attention

ADJ. considerable, enormous, extensive, greater, wide, widespread The papers have begun to give greater publicity to the campaign against GM food. | maximum The release of the report was timed to generate maximum publicity. | favourable, good, positive | adverse, bad, negative, unfavourable, unwelcome | free | international, local, national

VERB + PUBLICITY give sb/sth | gain, get, receive | attract, generate | seek | avoid, shun

PUBLICITY + VERB surround sth There was a lot of negative publicity surrounding the film.

PREP. ~ about There has been a lot of unfavourable publicity about the hospital. | ~ for Taking part in the event will be good publicity for our school. | ~ over The firm had received bad publicity over a defective product.

PHRASES amid/amidst a storm of publicity The chairman resigned amid a storm of publicity over the bonus payments. | a blaze of publicity The film stars were married in a blaze of publicity. | the glare of publicity He carried on his life in the full glare of publicity.

2 advertising

ADJ. advance

PUBLICITY + NOUN material, photograph, shot He's better-looking in his publicity shots than he is in real life. | campaign | stunt The actress denied that her marriage was just a publicity stunt. | agent, officer | machine The record company's publicity machine was working flat out.

PREP. ~ about I read some publicity about vaccinations while waiting my turn at the doctor's. | ~ for There have been months of advance publicity for the show.

PHRASES a lack of publicity