proof noun

ADJ. absolute, clear, conclusive, concrete, convincing, direct, good, incontrovertible, irrefutable, positive, real, tangible Have you got any positive proof that she took the money? We have proof positive that he is in hiding. I have no real proof that he was at the flat. | ample, sufficient | further | final, ultimate The photo was final proof of her husband's infidelity. | documentary, written | legal | scientific | living The lungfish is living proof that fish could evolve to breathe on land.

VERB + PROOF have | give sb, offer (sb), produce, provide (sb with) | get, obtain | need, require

PREP. without ~ He is unlikely to make wild accusations without proof. | ~ of Her account gives us no concrete proof of his guilt.

PHRASES the burden/onus of proof The burden of proof lay on the plaintiff to prove negligence. | a lack of proof The men were acquitted for lack of proof. | proof of identity, proof of purchase Proof of purchase must be provided before a refund can be made. | a standard of proof Civil proceedings require a lower standard of proof than criminal cases.