programme noun

1 plan of things to do

ADJ. ambitious | comprehensive, major, massive, radical, wide-ranging a comprehensive programme of economic reform | modest | long-term | regular | varied a varied programme of entertainment | pilot The pilot programme of vaccination proved successful. | party, political | government | collaborative, joint joint programmes between government and industry | action, development, improvement, modernization, privatization, research | economic, expenditure, investment, recovery Mr Brown called for a national recovery programme. | austerity, closure, cost-cutting | aid, assistance, relief, welfare | assessment, testing | degree, education, educational, literacy, training students enrolled on the two-year MA degree programme | care, health a community care programme for psychiatric patients | exercise, weight-loss | breeding, building, conservation, defence Female seals are needed for the breeding programme.

VERB + PROGRAMME agree (on), develop, draw up, establish, organize, plan, set up | outline The course leader outlined the programme we would be following. | carry out, implement, launch, run | expand | offer The college offers a wide variety of programmes of study. | finance, fund How is the programme to be financed? | embark on, undertake | enrol on | follow | complete | disrupt Renewed fighting disrupted the relief programme.

PROGRAMME + VERB aim to, be aimed at sb/sth, be designed to The programme aims to increase employment. | include sth, involve sb/sth | offer sth, provide sth

PREP. in a/the ~, on the/your ~ What's on your programme today (= What are your plans)? | ~ for What's the programme for (= What are we going to do) tomorrow? | ~ of a programme of study

PHRASES the aim/objective/purpose of a programme

2 radio/televsion show

ADJ. radio, television/TV | current affairs, documentary, factual, news | comedy | educational | children's | cookery, wildlife, religious, etc. | phone-in

VERB + PROGRAMME see, watch | listen to | record | do, make | host, present a phone-in programme hosted by Freddie Greenan | broadcast, screen, show

PREP. in a/the ~ In today's programme, we'll be giving you advice on how to manage your money. | on a/the ~ He appeared on the programme last night. | ~ about/on I saw a good programme on owls last night.

3 booklet for a play/concert/event

ADJ. concert, theatre | match, race

PREP. in the ~ Her name doesn't appear in the concert programme.

4 order of events

ADJ. exciting, interesting | musical, sporting

VERB + PROGRAMME arrange, draw up, plan, organize planning an exciting programme of activities

PROGRAMME + VERB include sth

PREP. ~ of a programme of 17th century music