profile noun

1 face seen from the side

ADJ. beautiful, handsome | strong | three-quarter

VERB + PROFILE present

PREP. in ~ The painting shows her in profile.

PHRASES sb's best profile He presented his best profile to the camera.

2 description of sb/sth

ADJ. detailed | age, career, psychological | company, customer | financial, social

VERB + PROFILE build up, construct, develop

PREP. ~ of The data will enable us to construct a profile of the firm's customers.

3 public image

ADJ. high, low She decided to keep a low profile until the scandal had died down. | public | political | corporate

VERB + PROFILE have | give sb/sth The story was given a low profile in today's papers. | improve, increase, raise a campaign to raise the profile of the city as a cultural leader | lower | keep, maintain | adopt