production noun

1 making/growing sth

ADJ. full The machine will go into full production in November 2002. | large-scale, mass | small-scale | efficient | annual | domestic | car, steel | coal, energy, gas, oil | agricultural, food, livestock, meat, milk | factory, industrial

QUANT. level, volume The increase in volume of production brought down the price of the goods.

VERB + PRODUCTION be in That particular model is no longer in production. | go into | go out of | begin, start They are going to start production of the car next year. | boost, increase, step up | cut, cut back (on) | halt, stop | speed up

PRODUCTION + NOUN line, plant a car production plant | methods, process, system | director, manager, team | costs | capacity, level, volume

PRODUCTION + VERB increase, rise | fall

PHRASES a cut/fall in production, an increase/a rise in production, the means of production They believed that power largely derives from ownership of the means of production. > Special page at BUSINESS

2 play, film, etc.

ADJ. successful | controversial | amateur, professional | stage | Broadway, West End, etc. | school | film, television/TV, theatrical, video > Note at PERFORMANCE(for verbs)